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Alignment and sorting of goods on the planogram

How to align the goods on the planogram?

To align the goods on the planogram, you need to click on the instrument of alignment in the top panel.

Alignment options available:
by the right edge of the equipment;
by the left edge of the equipment;
without alignment;
by the width of the shelf.

How to sort goods on the planogram?

You can sort only selected products that are next to each other and within the same shelf. To do this, select the desired products by dragging the mouse or using the hotkey Ctrl, click on the button "Product sorting" on the top panel and select the desired sorting type.

You can sort the goods on the shelf or in blocks by the following options:
By size ascending;
By size descending;
By price ascending;
By price descending.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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