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Upload planograms from Excel file

Upload planograms from Excel file

The functionality of the service allows you to upload the layout to the equipment from a .xls file.

You can upload the finished layout from the file only on the shelf.
To upload the layout, go to the planogram editing mode and click on the button on the top toolbar. In the window that opens, drag the prepared file or click on the gray area and select the file from your computer.

How to form a file correctly?

The upload file shall contain the following columns:

Stand number - ordinal number of the rack in the group of racks on which the goods shall be placed. Numbering of racks in the group is from left to right;
Shelf number - serial number of the shelf on the rack on which the goods will be placed. Shelf numbering starts from the bottom of the rack;
Articles - the article of the goods to be laid out;
Face quantity - the number of faces of the product;
Placement order - the order of goods layout in the depth of the shelf, where 1 - the product is laid out on the front edge of the shelf, 2 - the product will be laid out behind the previous one.
Placement depth - the layout quantity of the product depth. If you leave the cells empty, then when you upload the file, the goods will be laid out to the full depth of the shelf automatically.
Placement height - the number of layout of the faces of the product in height.

The upload file must have the same sequence of columns as the template.

Where to upload a file template?

In the window that opens after clicking the upload button, there is an example of a .xls file that can be uploaded. You can also upload the file template from the link - Upload .xlsx file example.

What to do if errors are found in the file?

After uploading the file, the system will open a preview window. At this stage, you will be able to view and fix errors in the file and remove duplicate products.

If the system detects errors while uploading the file, these errors will be highlighted with a red line in the table, and the total number of errors will be indicated in the upper right corner of the window.

Click on the total number of errors to go to the next error in the table, there will appear an error notification when you hover over the line.

Error messages:
It`s impossible to upload sizes for two or more similar products - occurs when two or more goods with the same articles are laid out on the same shelf.
You can remove a duplicate product by clicking on "Remove duplicate" in the upper right corner of the window.
Product with article number not found - occurs when a non-existent article is found in the file. Click on the cell with the wrong article and change it to the existing one.

After fixing the errors and removing duplicates, click on the "Upload" button, the system will display the products automatically according to the parameters specified in the file.

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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