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How to execute a planogram in the web version?

How to execute a planogram in the web version?

In the "Tasks" block, in the "Planograms for execution" section are displayed all planograms that need to be executed.

If the deadline is specified when sending the planogram, the column "Due date" will display the date by which the planogram needs to be executed.

The due date will be highlighted in red if the planogram is overdue.

If the mandatory tracking of the execution time was specified while sending the planogram, the "Time tracker" icon will be displayed next to the name of such planogram.

In order to start executing planograms, the store manager needs to click on the notification that he received or on the name of the planogram on the "Tasks" page in the "Planograms for execution" block.

The click will redirect the manager to the planogram execution page.

On this page, the current (active) planogram in the store is displayed on the left, and the planogram that needs to be executed is displayed on the right.

At the first sending there will be empty equipment on the left. The goods that have been replaced, rearranged or their display parameters have changed will be highlighted in red. So the manager will immediately see which products have changed.

At the top of this page there is a toolbar:

How to start executing planograms with the specified required time tracking?

When you open a planogram with the specified mandatory time tracking, a window will appear with the message "This planogram needs to be executed using a time tracker. Would you like to start execution?".

Click "NO" to view the planogram for execution, but not activate the time tracker.
Click "YES" to start the execution and activate the time tracker.

After the time tracker is started, a timer with the execution time countdown will appear in the lower right corner. To stop the execution, click on the "Pause" button. Clicking on the "Start" button will resume the countdown of the planogram execution time.

How to attach a photo report to the executed planogram?

To confirm the execution of the planogram, the store manager should click the "Done" button at the lower right of the page.

After clicking, a window for creating a new photo report will open.

To add a photo report, click on the icon in the center of the window. The click will open a computer dialog window, in which you need to select photos of the layout.

After selecting the photos, they will appear in the photo report creation window.

Unnecessary photos can be deleted by clicking the button "Delete". The photo name can be changed by double-clicking on the photo name. You can leave a comment to the photo report in the corresponding comment line.

To save the photo report and confirm the planogram execution, click the "Apply" button.

Updated on: 08/01/2023

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