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How to highlight the product on the planogram?

How to highlight the product on the planogram?

To highlight items on a planogram by specific attributes in the planogram editing (or view) mode, click on the "Highlight products" tool at the top of the toolbar and select the desired option.

Clicking on the tool allows you to highlight products on the planogram according to the following parameters:

Highlight products that are out of stock - they are highlighted in red.
Highlight products that are only enough for today - they are highlighted in yellow.
Highlight duplicates of laid out products - they are highlighted in purple.
Highlight by brands - all products of the same brand will be highlighted in the same colour.
Highlight by categories - all products in the same category will be highlighted in the same colour.
Highlight by suppliers - all laid out products with a common supplier will be highlighted in the same colour.

Once the highlighting has been applied, when you place the mouse cursor over a product, there will be a tooltip with the indicator corresponding to the parameter that has been applied. To aid in understanding the significance of the highlighted, a Highlight legend will be provided beneath the planogram.

The highlighting will not appear if: the planogram has stocks for all laid out products or the data of stock and receipts for products is not uploaded.

The products that are highlighted in red will not be highlighted after selecting the highlighting option.

Highlight legend

A highlight legend — is a list that explains the meaning of the highlights used in a planogram. Using a legend greatly simplifies the process of analysing a planogram.

The highlight legend is available when selecting the following types of highlights:
by brand
by category
by suppliers
by product activity/inactivity

To enable the legend of the highlights, you need to use the button “Product highlights”.
From the list, select the appropriate indicator, for example, “Highlight by brands”, and click the “Apply” button.

Information provided includes:
The colour mark that corresponds to the product highlight.
The value of the highlight according to its type (brand, category, supplier).
The actual percentage of display on this planogram (calculated in relation to the size of the displayed product to the size of the equipment).

To hide the legend of the highlights, click on the corresponding button, “Hide highlight legend”.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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