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Forming a list of products for the planogram

Forming a list of products for the planogram

In order to start the layout of products for equipment, it is necessary to form a list of goods. To do this, click "Add product" in the left panel. It opens the panel "Product choice", which displays the entire range of goods with metrics: Price, Stock quantity, Planograms quantity and Sales quantity.

Use the filters on the right in this panel to filter only the products of the required Categories, Brands, Suppliers Properties and Assortment Type

To expand a category to a subcategory, click the arrow next to the category name.

After selecting all the filters, click "Apply", then the list will display products that match the selected filters.

To select products in the list for layout, click on the button "+" to the left of the desired product. To add all goods from the list, click on the button "+" in the table header.

How to upload a list of products from an Excel file?

In order to upload products from a file, you need to prepare an xls file with the "Articles" column containing a list of product articles or the "Barcodes" column containing a list of product barcodes.

After that, click the "Upload products from file" button and in the pop-up window, select the method of uploading the file: select a file from your computer or paste a list of articles/barcodes using the hotkeys Ctrl+V. Products from the file will automatically appear in the list of products for display.

Note! The articles/barcodes of the products in the xls file must match the available articles/barcodes in the database, accordingly.
If there are products in the assortment with articles/barcodes that begin with zero, we recommended setting the Text data type for such values when generating an excel file.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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