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Copy planogram

Copy planogram

The generated planogram can be copied to an unlimited number of shelves on other store plans. The service allows you to copy the layout without changes, and adjust the layout to the parameters of the equipment.

To copy a planogram, go to the editing mode of the desired planogram and click on the button "Copy planogramm" on the top toolbar.

After clicking, a window with a selection of planograms will open. To copy the layout, tick the planograms to which you want to copy.

Next, you need to choose the equipment and the type of copy: Normal copy or Copy with extension.
To filter the list of planograms by Format and Store Groups, click "Filters" in the upper right corner and click "Apply".

Normal copy

To make a normal copy, click "Copy". In this case, the goods from the planogram will be copied while maintaining all the parameters of the layout (number of faces, height and depth of the layout, positions and position of the goods).

Copy with extension

With this type of copying, the layout will be automatically adjusted to the equipment parameters. The number of faces, depth and height of each product will be listed so that the product fills the entire space of the equipment.

After selecting the equipment to which you want to copy the planogram, click "Copy with extension". There opens a copy algorithm selection window.

Three algorithms are available for copying with the extension:

Sales quantity - the system automatically calculates the number of faces for each product and expands or narrows the layout in proportion to sales for the selected period.
Stocks quantity - the system calculates the average number of stocks of each product for the selected period and expands or narrows the products in proportion to the indicators obtained.
Running meters - when copying, the system will expand or narrow the number of faces of each product in proportion to the space occupied by the product on the current equipment.

Copy results

When copying is complete, there will appear a message with the layout results: "Planogram was successfully copied, check the correctness of layout."

To view the results of the copy, click "View results". A notification panel will open with a list of plans and planograms to which the calculation was copied.

To view the result for a specific planogram, expand the corresponding row by clicking on the arrow. As a result, the copy status will be displayed.

Possible statuses:

"Errors were found after planogram copying, please check correctness of this planogram." - means that after copying there are goods that did not fit on the shelf and go beyond the equipment on this planogram.
"Planogram was copied successfully, errors not found." - means that after copying all the goods are placed on the equipment correctly.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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