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What are blocks?

What are blocks?

With blocks you can show agreements with suppliers of goods. Blocks can be tied to a specific brand, category or supplier.

How to draw a block on a planogram?

To draw a block, click "Create Block". After that, the cursor will change and will look like this: . Now left-click on the equipment and drag the mouse.

When creating a block, the dimensions of the width and height of the block in meters are displayed near its faces, and the percentage of the block from the equipment is displayed in the upper left corner of the block. To finish drawing a block, release the left mouse button.

At the top of the block, there is the name and share of the block from the running meters of equipment. To resize the finished block, use the black stripes on the edges of the block.

How to configure a block?

To configure a block, click on it and open the "Settings" panel. In the panel, you can specify the name of the block, link it to the category of the level you want, brand and supplier. You can also change the width, height, depth and color of the block.

Once a block is linked to a category, brand, or supplier, you will not be able to lay out those goods that do not match the settings of that block in it.

How to lay out products in the block?

To lay out products in the block, hold it down with the left mouse button and drag it to the appropriate block. Please note that if the block is tied to a category, brand, or supplier, you cannot lay out a product that does not fit the block's settings.

How to place goods in blocks automatically?

If there is a drawn block on the planogram, the autoplacement will fill only the block with goods. In order to fill the blocks with goods automatically, you need to click "Lay Out" at the top of the toolbar.

Autoplacement takes into account the specified links of the blocks to brands, categories or suppliers and lays out only those products in the blocks that belong to the specified settings of the block.

If one of the blocks is selected, the autoplacement will fill only the selected block.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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