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Weighed products

The advanced functionality for working with weights on the planogram provides maximum flexibility and space optimization, thanks to:
Easy layout of weighing goods in boxes, on hooks, and on shelves;
The possibility to create packaging for weighed goods;
Precise inventory control not only in pieces but also in kilograms.

In order to change the “Product type” to weight, you need to go to the Product card. There are two ways to do this:
Go to the “Products” block and click the Edit button on the thumbnail, or select the name of the required product from the list;

Directly on the planogram, click on the Setup product button after selecting the required product from the list:

In the “Product information” block, opposite the “Product type” line, click on the arrow and select “Weighing product”.

To create packaging for a weight product on the “Product information” page, just scroll to the end of the page and click the button:

In the “Packaging parameters” block, you must specify:
Name of the package;
Image of the packaging;
Quantity of goods in the package in kilograms;
Height, width, and depth of the package.

Important! All physical parameters of the product and packaging must be specified in meters.

To delete a package, press the button:

It is also possible to set the priority of the package. To do this, simply drag the package parameters to the first position using the dots on the left side of the package name.
The first-priority package determines how the product will be placed on the planogram. You can create an unlimited number of packages for one product:

There are several options for placing a weighted item on a planogram:
Placement in a box: To do this, simply move the goods to the appropriate box by opening the shelf in the projection from above.

Note! Only one weight product without packaging can be placed in one box.

Placement on a hook or shelf: This is possible only if the weight product is packaged.

In order to set or change the “Packing type” for a weight item, select the item and click the Set up button. Click on the arrow to select the required packaging from the drop-down list.

Important! You can select the type of packaging only for those products that already have a created packaging.

Note! The weighted product is automatically placed on the shelf, hook, and perforation in the form of a packaged product with the first priority (if there is a packaging).

On the General settings tab of the weight product, you can:
Specify the quantity of the displayed goods in kilograms;
Estimate the stock of goods in the box in kilograms;
Estimate the stock of goods on the planogram in days (calculated by the formula Stock of goods on the shelf, kg / Average number of sales of goods per day);
Set the type of packaging of the goods.

Important! When selecting the "Packing type", depending on the equipment, changes in the "Rows qty", "Faces qty", "Placement height", "Placement depth", and "Compression settings" become available.

Analytics about the weight product is available in the planogram View. When using the "Complectation" function, information about the “Product stock on the shelf" is displayed by the item and in kilograms.

Important! The indicator "Product stock on the shelf, pcs/kg” indicates the total quantity of one item on the planogram.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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