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How to upload the size of products from an Excel file?

How to upload the size of products from an Excel file?

To upload product sizes (length, height, width) from a file, click on the "Product sizes upload" button on the top panel of the "Products" page. After clicking, the file upload window will open.

In order to understand how to form a file correctly, download an example file. To do this, in the file download window, click on the caption - "Download .xlsx file example".

The download file must contain the following columns:
Articles - product article (the same product cannot be repeated twice in the file);
Product width, m - product width, meters;
Product height, m ​​- product height, meters;
Product depth, m - depth of the product, meters.
The sizes of the product must be specified in meters to avoid errors on the layout.

Drag the ready file for uploading into a special area in the window that will open after clicking the "Product sizes upload" button.

What to do if errors are found in the file?

After uploading the file, the system will open a preview window of goods, which in case of errors will be able to correct them.

The number of detected errors will be displayed in the upper left corner, clicking
on this inscription will show the error in the list.

The following errors are possible in the preview:
It`s impossible to load sizes for two or more identical products - occurs when a product article is duplicated in a file.
Important! You can remove a duplicate product by clicking "Remove duplicate" in the upper right corner of the window.
A product with an article not found - occurs when a non-existent article is found in the file. This article can be changed directly from the preview. To correct an incorrect article, click on this cell, correct the article and press Enter.
Invalid product size value - occurs when the size value in the file is negative or zero. To correct the incorrect size, click on the cell, correct the size and press Enter.

Click "Upload" to finish uploading the product sizes. The size of products will be changed.

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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