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Setting the parameters of the product layout

How to adjust the size and image of the product?

To change the product parameters, click on the displayed product, a preview of the corresponding product will appear at the bottom of the "Products" panel. In the viewer header, click "Settings"

There will open a window in which you can adjust the width, height and depth of the product, as well as change the photo.

The size of the goods must be indicated in meters.

Photos of the product can be downloaded from Google or a computer. To do this, click on the appropriate button.

How to set the parameters of the product layout?

To set the product layout parameters, click on the laid out product and then on the "Settings" button on the right side of the toolbar.

Then there will open a panel, where you can configure the parameters of the product layout (depth / height of the layout and the number of faces), set the packaging and compression of the product.

The type of packaging can be selected only for those products that have created packaging. More details in the section "How to add product packing parameters?".

The panel also displays the parameters that are calculated based on the layout of the product:
Stock shelf (in days) - shows how many days the goods will last. Calculated by the formula: stock shelf (in pieces) / average sales quantity (for the last month);
Stock shelf (in pieces) - the total amount of goods on the shelf.
Calculated by the formula: number of faces depth of layout height of layout.

For goods laid out on hooks, it is possible to set only the Depth of layout;
For goods displayed in boxes, it is possible to set: Layout height, Number of faces and Number of rows.
For products that are perforated, only Compression of the product can be set;
Settings are not available for weighing goods.

To configure the layout parameters for several products at the same time, select the desired products on the shelves using the Ctrl key or by dragging the mouse and set the layout parameters of these products in the "Settings" panel.

Use hotkeys to set layout settings quickly. Click on the product and press Shift + ← → to increase or decrease the number of faces, or Shift + ↓ ↑ to increase or decrease the height of the product layout.

Multiple product layout settings

You have the option of setting up several products at the same time.
Select several products by holding down the Ctrl key and select the desired products.

Click on the "Product layout settings" button in the top right hand corner, where you can set the general characteristics.

"Dashes" in the setting parameters will be displayed if the set parameter is different for the selected products.

Once you have changed the settings for several products and clicked "Apply" button, only the general settings that you have changed are applied. Those parameters that have not been changed (have been left with dashes) will not be changed as a result of the multi-setting.

How to compress a product?

To compress aproduct, in the Product layout settings, click the Compression settings, then select the compression type (width, height, or depth of the product) and set the compression ratio from 0 to 0.9.

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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