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How to rotate products

How to rotate products

Rotation allows you to automatically replace one product with another on an unlimited number of planograms on the selected store plans.

To switch to the “Product rotation” mode, click on the button in the upper right corner of the “Store plans” or “Planograms page”.

Tick the boxes for the plans/planograms where you want to replace the products and click the "Select products" button.

After clicking, the "Rotation of goods" window will open.

In the "Product, which will be changed" field, enter the article or barcode of the product to be removed from the planogram. In the “Product for change”, enter the item number or barcode of the item to be placed on the shelf.

To rotate several products at once, click on the "+ Add replacement products" button.

After selecting all the products for rotation, click on the "Change" button. A pop-up message about the rotation status will appear in the upper left corner. In this message, click on the "View results" button. A panel will open with a list of plans and planograms where the goods have been replaced.

Expand the row of the required planogram to view the rotation status of this planogram.

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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