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Displaying products in boxes

Displaying products in boxes

The display of products laid out in boxes in the front view of the planogram allows you to see the entire planogram as the customer will see it. It allows you to review the products within the boxes across various modes, including editing, viewing, comparing, and planogram control.

For store managers, having the capability to visualize the product layout within the boxes in the front view of planograms, both within the service and application, facilitates a clear understanding of product placement and streamlines the planogram execution process.


To display products in boxes, click on the "Show products in boxes" button located at the top of the toolbar when editing or viewing a planogram on the service.

Note! The "Show products in boxes" tool is only displayed on planograms that have at least one box included.

After editing, the planogram image is saved based on the status of the "Show products in boxes" feature. If the feature was enabled during the save process, specifying that the boxes were open, then the boxes will be open in the planogram image. Conversely, if the feature was disabled during saving, the boxes will remain closed in the planogram image.


To view products displayed in boxes in the PlanoHero Layout application, navigate to the Planograms section and choose the desired planogram from the list. Next, click on the "Show products in boxes" button located at the top of the toolbar.

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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