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Brands statistics

Brands statistics

To go to the "Brand Statistics" panel, open the planogram in the edit mode and click on the button on the left panel. The window that opens will show the recommended, planned and actual percentages of the brand layout.

To display the same percentage for categories you need to click on the button "Group by categories" in the upper right corner.

How to specify the planned layout percentage?

To enter the planned percentage, hover the cursor over the percentage and click on it in the “Brand Statistics” panel in the “Planned layout percentage” column, then enter the desired percentage and click “Apply”.

You can specify a planned percentage for brands (default) and categories (click in the upper right corner).

If the total planned percentage is greater than 100, it will be highlighted in red, but this will save changes. In this case, the brands with the highest planned percentage will be laid out on the shelf first.

If the total planned layout percentage is less than 100%, the autoplacement will give priority to those brands for which the planned layout percentage has been specified. That is, first the brands with the specified planned percentage are laid out, and then those brands for which the planned layout percentage was not specified. Such goods are laid out at the recommended percentage.

Autoplacement according to the planned layout percentage

Once the planned percentages have been set in the "Brand Statistics" panel, click "Lay out" at the top of the toolbar to place the set percentages automatically.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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