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Arbitrary layout

The placement of products on the planogram is as flexible and convenient as possible. You can drag and drop any product to any place on the planogram without being limited to fixed positions. You can also rearrange similar products.

The "Arbitrary layout" tool is used to place goods on the:
Base: rectangle;
Base: trapeziud;
Box and Bevelled box.

In order to enable the "Arbitrary layout" tool, in the "Edit" mode of the planogram, click on the icon in the top toolbar:

This functionality allows you to arrange the product layout in an arbitrary way.

To place a product, you need to:
Switch to the Top view of the planogram. This can be done by clicking on the appropriate button when selecting a shelf or base, or by double-clicking on the equipment.
Drag the item from the list to an arbitrary location on the shelf.

When placing an item, it is automatically pulled to any point within 1 cm of another item to the left, right, above, or below it.
If an item is placed beyond the equipment or on the border of another item, the corresponding item will be highlighted in red.

Note! In “Arbitrary layout” mode, access to the “Products alignment” and “Copy Planogram” functions is limited. To use these tools, you must first exit “Arbitrary layout” mode.

For easy navigation on the planogram, each product on the shelf has a serial number that corresponds to the number assigned when the package was loaded.
To display the serial number of the product on the planogram, you need to click the corresponding button on the bottom panel in the “Edit” mode.

It is also possible to configure the “Display product sequence number” using personal settings. To do this, expand the “Planograms” block in the “PlanoHero personal settings” panel and activate the switch next to the corresponding parameter.
Note! The serial number is displayed on the product in the frontal projection and in the top projection on the service and when loading the configuration.

In order to save the changes made with the "Arbitrary layout" tool, you need to click the Save button in the upper right corner.

Note! If the changes are not saved, the display of goods will revert to its original appearance when you exit the “Arbitrary layout” mode.

Recommendation! To quickly change the number of product faces, select the product and press Shift + → to increase and Shift + ← to decrease. You can also use Shift + ↑ / Shift + ↓ to increase/decrease the display height. To move the product in the top view projection, use the arrows → ↑ ← ↓ on the keyboard. To select multiple products, hold down Ctrl and select the desired products.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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