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UI-UX updates Control (11.09)


In the “Control” block on the top toolbar, you will find the following buttons:
"Group by store plans / by planograms"
"Download table"
"Check photo reports"

Below is a search, updated filters with the ability to select planogram display options (all / only for check / only unavailable for check) and a planogram quantity counter at the end of the row.

Clicking on a planogram / store plan line in the table opens a pop-up window with additional "Back" and "Check Photo Reports" buttons.

In photo report checking mode, the updated top panel includes the "Return for execution" and "Confirm execution" buttons. Below the planogram are the buttons:
"Display products in boxes" (displayed if the planogram contains boxes)
"Display equipment dimensions"
"Show articles / product pictures"

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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