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Checking planogram photo reports

Checking planogram photo reports

To check the photo report, you need to tick the planograms in the table which photo reports you want to check. When all required planograms are selected, click "Check Photo Reports".

On the page "Photo reports checkup", there is the planogram on the right that was sent for execution, on the left there is its photo report.

How to interact with photo reports?

The photo report is displayed according to the selected planogram and store plan. At the top, there is a line with the date of this planogram and the "View comment" button (available only if the manager left a comment when attaching a photo report).

On the left side of the panel, there is "Magnifier" and "Log".

Click "Magnifier" to activate it - the mouse cursor will disappear and a magnifying glass will appear instead of the cursor. Hover over the photo to see it in more detail.

To open the photo report in full screen, you need to click on the main photo.

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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