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The functionality of the "Control" block provides the opportunity to:
Monitor the "life cycle" of all planograms, from the stage of creating a planogram to checking photo reports;
Check any photo report, regardless of the sender or performer;
Confirm the correct execution of the planogram or Return the planogram for execution in case of errors.

You can go to the "Control" block using the button on the top panel, which will open the "Execution Control" page, the main part of which is occupied by the table.

Interaction with the table "Execution control"

The “Execution control” table shows all the planograms that are placed on the active store plans and general data on these planograms.

By default, the table displays planogram data, but you can change this display using the tool "Group by store plans" at the top left. After the change, the table will display data on store plans.

At the top of the page, there is the Store Filter, Search and Toolbar, as well as the "Show planograms without photo reports" switch, which, when clicked, will display data on those planograms to which photo reports are not attached.

To view the detailed status of the planogram in each store, where it is located, click on the line of the desired planogram (store plan) in the table.

How to download table in .xls file?

To download a table to an .xls file in the upper right corner of the "Execution Control" page, click "Download table to .xls file".

Where to configure filters for the main table?

Clicking "Filters" in the top panel will open a window to set filters for the main table.

The data in the table can be filtered by Formats or Groups of stores, Categories or Status of the planogram.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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