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How to return the planogram for execution?

How to return the planogram for execution?

To return the planogram for execution, you need to click "Return for execution" below the photo report. There is open a window "Return for execution".

To the left of the window, there is a toolbar that you can use to leave notes on your photo report in case errors are found. Also, in this window, you can specify the deadline by which you need to execute the planogram.

After clicking "Return for execution", this version of the planogram will be forwarded for execution to the appropriate manager.

As soon as you return to execution, this button will be inactive and the return date will be displayed.

A record will be made in the planogram log about the return of the planogram for execution and the status of this planogram will be changed in the Execution control table from “Confirmed” to “Returned for execution”.

Updated on: 18/05/2023

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