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Planograms list. How to confirm several executions at once?

Planograms list

On the page "Photo reports checkup" at the top left, there is a button
"Planograms list", which displays all selected planograms in the table, with performances for all stores (where they are placed).

Clicking on the planogram bar in this panel opens the panel with the store plans to the right of the Planogram panel, which displays all store plans from which the planogram was executed.

To the left of the store plan, there are labels:

Unlabeled store plan - the planogram photo report on this store has not been checked yet (it can still be confirmed or returned).
Orange label - displayed when the photo report of the planogram in this store is confirmed;
Black label - displayed when, after checking the photo report of the executed planogram in this store, it was returned to the manager;

How to confirm several executions at once?

In order to confirm several executions at once, you need to open the “Planogram list” panel and select the planogram, after which the “Store plans” panel will open.

At the top of the panel, there is a tool "Confirm execution", after clicking on it, you need to select store plans. There will appear "Confirm execution" and "Cancel" buttons at the bottom.

Select the store plans you want to confirm and click "Confirm execution". After that, all selected executions will be marked as confirmed.

Updated on: 24/01/2023

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