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Planograms comparison

How to choose planograms for comparison?

To go to the "Planograms Comparison" mode, click on the button on the top panel in the Planograms block or on the left panel in the Planogram view mode.

Tick the planograms you want to compare and click "Compare". The selected planograms will open in the comparison mode.

How to apply analytical reports for comparison?

Use the "Analytics" tool on the top panel to select an analysis method and place sales figures on the layout. Two types of analysis are available in the comparison mode: “Discrete / Continuous Distribution” and “Quadrant Analysis”.

In the "Filters" panel, you can set the period for which the analysis will be displayed, as well as select the type of distribution of indicators.

Each planogram can be customized separately: set a different period, select an indicator or type of distribution. To do this, click on the planogram and set the configurations in the "Filters" panel.

Updated on: 05/09/2022

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