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Planogram history

Where to view previous versions of the planogram?

The service provides the ability to view each completed version of the planogram. You can view planogram versions in the planogram view mode. To do this, click "History". After clicking, there will open a panel with a list of versions that were available in the store.

The panel displays the versions, where the name of each version is the period of validity at the point of sale (the first record on the panel is the current version that is valid at the point of sale, it will always have the same date).

To view the previous version, click on the appropriate record. After the click, there will open the planogram that operated at the point of sale in the corresponding period.

How to view photo reports of previous versions of planograms?

To open a photo report, click the button "Photo report" next to the version name. There will open a list of photo reports, where the name is the date the photo report was created.

How to attach a photo report to the current planogram?

To attach a photo report to the current planogram, click on the button "+" next to the current version of the layout, then there will open a window to create a new photo report.

Updated on: 05/09/2022

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