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Mass download planogram complectations

Mass download planogram complectations

You can download complectations of the required number of planograms for one store or category in just a few clicks.

Download the complectations in .pdf or .xls format from:

the Planograms block (by clicking on the "Download complectations" tool on the top toolbar);

the Store Plans view mode (by clicking on the "Download" tool on the top toolbar, you can download all the complectations of planograms located on this store plan).

You can set up the type of downloading complectations:
Downloading all complectations in separate files. (Each file will be downloaded to a general .zip archive);
Downloading all complectations to a general file. (All complectations will be merged into one general file of the selected format).

The file generation process is going in the background and does not affect the interaction with the service!

Pay attention! The process of generating a file may take a long time, after generation will be finished, the file will be downloaded automatically. If you are inactive on the service after the generation is completed, you will be able to download the generated file manually within 24 hours from the moment the file is fully generated.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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