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Management of the plan

How to copy / configure / delete a store plan?

Go to the Store Plans block and hover over the plan miniature. When you hover the mouse cursor over a miniature with a plan, there appear the control buttons for that plan: "Copy plan", "Set up plan" and "Remove plan". As well as mode buttons: Watch and Edit plans.

Click "Copy plan" to copy this plan, the copy will be placed first in the list of Inactive plans.

Click "Set up plan" to rename the plan, change the area of the trading floor, or change the shop. After changing the settings, save the new ones by clicking "Save".

Click "Remove plan" to delete the store plan with all its elements. After clicking, there will open a window with a warning that all elements of the plan will be deleted and this action cannot be undone. Confirm the deletion to delete the plan.

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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