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How to upload the background image?

How to upload the background image?

The background image is a translucent image that is uploaded to the store plan. With its help, you can facilitate the process of drawing the walls. To do this, download the image of the finished plan, set up the size of the background image and draw the walls above the background image.

To download the background image to the store plan, click on the tool "Upload underlay / AutoCAD" on the top toolbar and select "Upload background image".

To resize the image, click on the background image and use the blue rectangles at its corners to change its size or angle.

The background image can be fixed on the canvas. To do this, select it, click "Fix background image" in the upper left corner of the image. Clicking this button again will detach the background image from the canvas. You can hide the background image with the "Show background image" checkmark.

You can remove the background image from the plan using "Delete the selected item" on the top toolbar or the Del key on the keyboard.

After saving the plan with the background image, it will be displayed the next time you open the store plan in edit mode for all users.

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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