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Build the walls

How to draw walls?

To build the walls of the store, click button "Build the walls", after selecting this tool, the cursor will change.

To build a wall, hold down the left mouse button on the canvas and drag it on the canvas. The length in meters will be displayed above the wall. To finish building the wall, release the left mouse button.

To exit the wall painting mode, press the button "Build the walls" on the top toolbar again.

How to configure the walls?

You can change the length of the walls by holding the white circle at the end of the wall. To make the wall round, hold the circle in the center of the wall with the left mouse button and drag it.

You can also configure the wall in the "Wall configuration" panel. To open it, select the wall and click on the button "Settings" in the upper right corner, then the settings panel will open.

In the panel, you can change the parameters of the length, width and radius of the wall, as well as set the setting "Fake wall". It turns the selected wall into a dotted line and allows you to divide the space of the store conditionally.

To confirm the parameters changes, press "Apply" (or "Enter" key on the keyboard).

How to download walls from AutoCAD file?

To download store walls from an AutoCad file, click on the tool "Upload underlay / AutoCAD" on the top toolbar and select "Download AutoCad file".

Clicking on it opens a dialog box for downloading a .dxf file from your computer.

The AutoCad, CorelDraw or ArchiCad file must be saved in .dxf format. The drawing shall have only the inner or outer walls of the trading floor. Racks, signs and other equipment shall be removed from the drawing. All lines in the drawing shall be dissected.

When you download a store plan from an AutoCad file, all items that were on the plan before downloading will be removed from the plan.

Updated on: 11/08/2022

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