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Create users

Create users

Only an administrator with an Admin Panel solution can create new users and manage the access of already created users.

To create a new PlanoHero user profile, click on the button "Invite a user" (upper right corner) on the “Users” page of the Admin Panel solution.

Then the panel where you want to enter its data opens:

Last name
First name
Phone number
Date of birth
Account expiration date - use the calendar to select the date until which the account is valid. You can have it unlimited.
Role - allows you to select one of the roles. The following types of roles are provided for the PlsnoHero solution: Store Manager and Planogram-maker.
After selecting a role, additional fields appear, depending on the selected role:
Shops - allows you to select available shops for the role. For ease of selection, there are formats and levels depending on customer data (PlanoHero users do not have access settings in the Categories and Brands fields yet).

Set password is a switch that allows an Administrator to obtain the user’s initial password and reset this password manually. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Button "Apply" - saves the entered data.
Button "Cancel" - cancels the previous steps and closes the panel.

The new user will receive an email to help them complete their account configurations.

Updated on: 24/01/2023

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