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Create a role

Create a role

Only an administrator with an Admin Panel solution can create roles and control access to already created roles.

A button "Create a role" on the "Roles" page is used to create a role.

After clicking on it, there opens a panel where you need to fill in the fields:
Title - the title of the role.
Role Type - The list of PlanoHero solutions recommended for users is: Store Manager and Planogram-maker.
Allowed solutions - enables you to select the solutions that will be allowed for users of this role: PlanoHero, PlanoHero Layout, PlanoHero Size APP.
Allowed solution functionality - enables you to select the functionality or reports (in the solutions selected above) that will be available to users of this role.

PlanoHero application roles do not yet have access settings in the Slices, Metrics, Notifications, Categories, Brands, Products, and restricted functionality “Allow XLS download”.

Button "Apply" - saves the entered data and shows the created role in the report table.
Button "Cancel" - cancels the previous steps and closes the panel.

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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