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Uploading equipment from an Excel file

Save time by creating equipment in Plano Hero through bulk uploading from an Excel file.
To bulk upload equipment, go to the “Equipment” block and click the Upload Equipment button on the top toolbar.

To download equipment templates, you need to create an Excel file with equipment parameters. For convenience, a template has been created that can be used by clicking the Download Excel file template button.

There are 10 Excel sheets available for filling out, corresponding to the “Templates of equipment” on the service.

Note! All parameters in the table must be specified in meters.

To create a group of racks, enter the identical equipment code for each type of equipment you need (rack, rack with rails etc.) on the corresponding sheets of the Excel file.
To upload the corresponding file, simply drag it to the service page or select the file from your computer.
On the “Equipment preview” page, you can check the data for accuracy and change the equipment parameters if necessary.

Important! Fields with errors will be highlighted in red.

Possible errors:
Empty cell (except for the optional fields: “Equipment code” and “Producer”);
Zero or negative value;
Existence of already created equipment with the specified name;
The shelf size value is less than 0.001;
Non-numeric value;
Shelf tilt angle outside the allowable range (less than 0.1 degrees or more than 45 degrees).

To switch between equipment types, just click on the corresponding tab at the top of the screen. To delete equipment, click the Delete button at the end of the line.

The color of tab titles:
Orange — current page;
Red — page with an error;
Grey— page with available data;
Light grey — no data on the sheet, so the equipment will not be loaded.

To finish working with the tables, click Finish uploading. If there is an error, the button will be blocked. To load the equipment, correct the errors and try again.

In the “Equipment” block, racks matching the parameters from the Excel file will be automatically created. Once the equipment is created in the service, it can be edited.

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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