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How to create equipment in the Constructor?

How to create equipment in the Constructor?

To create new equipment, click "New equipment" in the top panel.

There opens a window "Creating equipment". In this window, enter the settings for the new equipment and select the equipment type.

After clicking "Create", there will open an Equipment Constructor.

In the center of the Constructor screen is the workspace (2D model of the created equipment), on which it is necessary to place the elements of the equipment.

The panel with equipment elements is on the left.

To start creating equipment, hold down the desired base (Rectangle or Trapezoid) with the left mouse button and drag it to the workspace. The next stage is the placement of additional and main elements.

To configure the length, height and depth of each element on the right side of the toolbar, click "Settings".

At the bottom left, there is a 3D model of the equipment that can be expanded with the button.

When you have finished creating the equipment, click "Save Changes" in the toolbar at the top.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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