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Products for lay out

Products for lay out

On the left side of the page, there is a block for working with products for lay out and products to remove. All products in the block are grouped according to store plans, and the display of lists of products for lay out and products to remove is divided into separate tabs.

Products for lay out are new active goods that have not been presented on the planograms yet.

To lay out products from the list on the planogram, click on the line of the desired store plan. A window will open with the products to be laid out in this shop.

To add products to the planogram, select the desired items and click “Go to layout”. In the next step, select the planogram of the store to which you want to add products and click “Lay out”.

After that, the selected planogram will open in edit mode, and new products will be added to the “Products” panel automatically. New not laid out products will be marked with a special green label.

When new products are laid out on the planogram, these products will disappear from the list for lay out, the green label will be changed to the orange one.

Why don't I have products for layout?

With daily data updates, PlanoHero updates product statuses according to the product matrices in your accounting system. Thus, new active products that are not laid out on the planograms will be included in the list for layout.

Provided that no new product statuses are detected during the daily data update, they will not be added to the list of products for layout and products to remove.

To get current product statuses, download product assortment matrices in PlanoHero.

Updated on: 24/01/2023

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