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Control over the execution of planograms

Control over the execution of planograms

How to view the list of completed planograms and planograms on execution?

There are two meters in the control unit for planograms. The meter on the left shows the number of completed planograms, the photo reports of which have not yet been checked. And the meter on the right shows the number of planograms that you sent for execution, but they have not been completed by the store manager yet.

Below the meters, there are "View details" buttons. Click this button to view a list of completed planograms or a list of planograms for execution.

Completed planograms

In the detailed display of completed planograms, click on the planogram title to view the photo report of this planogram.

Only after confirming the photo report, the planogram will disappear from the "Completed planograms" block.

Planograms on execution

In the detailed view of planograms on execution, it is possible to resend the planogram for execution and Cancel the execution of planograms.

Tick the required planograms and click "Resend" to send these planograms to the store manager again. Or click "Cancel sending" to remove the relevant planograms from the list for execution by store managers.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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