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Product Holes

Product Holes

The “Product holes” tab displays the listed products that are out of stock.

At the top of the tab, there is a search bar for the name of the plan or the planogram. If you want to filter data by Stores and Product Categories, click "Filters" in the upper right corner.

To download the table with the products on the tab, click "Download xls.file" in the upper right corner.

In order to view information on products that are out of stock of a particular planogram, you need to click on the line with this planogram and store plan, and then there will open a window with a list.

Click on the tool “Download xls.file” in the upper right corner to download a table with a list of such products.

To open the planogram with the products that are out of stock, click “Go to layout”. Click “Cancel” to close the window.

When are data on Product Holes not displayed?

If the user does not have access to edit Store Plans that have Product Holes.
If no store plans are active (then the notification “You don't have any store plans activated yet” will be displayed).
If stock data is not loaded.

If there are stocks on all products, the notification “Good job! There are no product holes in the planograms.”

Updated on: 24/01/2023

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