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Move equipment elements in planogram editing mode

The new functionality, 'Move equipment elements', enhances the flexibility of equipment arrangement in planograms. This tool allows for quick adjustments without the need to enter edit mode, facilitating a more efficient method of managing equipment elements on the planogram.

To move equipment elements, you need to be in the planogram’s edit mode and click on the corresponding button located on the top toolbar.

Next, choose the element you wish to relocate:
Shelf - movement is possible within the same base.
Drawer - movement is possible within one shelf in the top view.
Partition - movement is possible within one shelf.
Hook - movement is possible within one hook panel.
Hooks panel and Perforation - movement is possible within the same base.

You can move elements:
Using the mouse
Using the Up, Down, Right, Left arrows on the keyboard
Using the Shift button and Arrow to move the element by 2.5 cm

To save or cancel the changes, click the 'Move equipment elements' tool once more and select the appropriate action:
Save as new equipment - to save the newly adjusted equipment with its current settings.
Replace current equipment - to save the settings and replace the existing equipment on all planograms where it is used.
Cancel - to cancel any movements of elements that have been executed.

Use the new PlanoHero feature to enhance the efficiency of your planogram management and streamline your workflows!

Updated on: 29/12/2023

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