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“Layout analysis” report

The new analytical report “Layout analysis” will facilitate the analysis of the number and efficiency of linear meters of layout taken up by each product group on the planogram.

To open the report, you need to go to analytical reports “Reports” > “Analytics” and use the top switch on the page Chain sales analysis > Layout analysis.

Bar chart

The bar chart of the “Layout analysis” report simplifies the process of analyzing a large amount of data.

The X-axis in the visualization displays the dimension selected for the report, and the Y-axis displays the metric set in the visualization settings.

To configure the visualization, click on the “Actions” tool (vertical ellipsis) at the top of the bar graph and select the appropriate action:
Metric - to select a metric, move the mouse cursor over the corresponding line and select another available metric in the list.
Display - to select the display, you need to move the mouse cursor over the corresponding line and select another type of display in the list.
Settings - to set the default metric, configure the display of the quantity of elements, and personalize the visualization.
Save as PNG - to download the visualization as a .png image.

Summary table

The summary table helps you to view data for the selected dimension to ensure correct business analysis.

To analyze the data by Brands, Categories, Suppliers, Store Plans, Planograms, or Products, use the switch on the top panel.

To sort the values in a table column, it is enough to click on the name of the required column:
First click - sorting in ascending order.
Second click - sorting in descending order.
Third click - sorting in the column is canceled.

To configure the display of columns or save the table's current view template by default, use the corresponding tools in the panel above the table.


Filters allow you to configure the report to compare different versions of the layouts and analyze the effectiveness of changes made to the planograms.

To apply filters, click on the “Filters” tool at the top of the page and select it:
Period - the main period of sample data.
Previous period - the previous period of sample data for comparison.
Planogram status - the status of the planogram version according to the action performed: In progress, On execution, For check, Returned for execution, Confirmed.
Store formats
Store groups

The filtered data sample by version status will contain products from the planograms for which the corresponding status was the closest (last) to the last day of the selected main and previous period.

For example, if you set the period 01.01.2022 - 01.02.2022, then a planogram that received the status "On execution" on 01.31.2022, and then was executed and received the status "For check" on 05.02.2022 will be displayed in the selected period using the filter by the status "On execution", without taking into account later status changes.
If you set the period 01.02.2022-05.02.2022, this planogram will be displayed using the filter by the status "For check".

To download the report in .xls format, click on the Download report button on the top panel of the report page. The downloaded file will contain two sheets: Histogram (a bar chart image in .png format) and Table (a summary table of data).

Important! The table in the uploaded file is displayed with closed levels. You can expand only those levels that were expanded before uploading the file.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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