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UI-UX updates Equipment (11.09)


In the updated functionality, the "Create Equipment" button is located on the top panel, and the buttons for switching between viewing modes, filtering, and search functionalities are now easily accessible from the left toolbar.

In tabular view, the top toolbar contains additional options:
"Copy equipment"
"Set up equipment
"Remove equipment

When you move the cursor over the equipment template card, the “Use template” button appears.

Equipment editing mode

To make it easier to understand the process of creating equipment for blocked elements, informative tips have been added to the left side panel.

In equipment editing mode, the updated top panel contains buttons:

Clicking on an equipment element opens a panel with a set of tools for customization.

When opening a shelf or hook in a top view, the top toolbar displays a "Back" button, the opened element number, and arrows for easy navigation between shelves or hooks.

Additional buttons below the equipment include:
"3D Model"
"Display equipment dimensions"

Equipment view mode

In the equipment view, the updated top panel contains the "Edit" button. There are buttons below the equipment:
"3D model of the equipment"
"Display equipment dimensions"

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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