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How to execute a planogram in the PlanoHero Layout application?

How to execute a planogram in the PlanoHero Layout application?

To start executing a planogram, the Store Manager needs to open the notification that he received or click on the name of the planogram in the "Planograms" page in the "To execute" block.

A new planogram for execution is highlighted in green. A planogram that has been returned for execution is highlighted in red. A planogram without highlighting is a planogram that was reviewed but not executed.

Clicking on a notification or planogram name will open a dashboard with basic information about the planogram:
Sending date of the planogram for execution.
Due date - the deadline by which the planogram must be executed. If the execution deadline is overdue, the due date will be highlighted in red.
Last change on the planogram.
Average execution time for the last 30 days.
Analytics of planogram execution time tracking.

Click the "Planogram" button to view the layout image. Also from this page you can open the layout in augmented reality (only for iOS users).

Click the "Equipment" button to view information about the location of each product on the equipment. At the top of the page there is a product search. As well as settings that allow you to filter products according to their characteristics.

Click the "Photo Reports" button to view all previous photo reports for this planogram.

How to run the planogram execution time tracker?

After clicking on the planogram with the specified mandatory time tracking, a message will appear: "This planogram must be executed using the time tracker". Click "Continue" to start the execution.

Click "Start" to run the time tracking of the planogram. After that, a timer with the execution time countdown will appear at the top.

To stop the execution, click on the "Stop" button. Clicking on the "Pause" button will pause the countdown of the planogram execution time.

How to attach a photo report?

To complete the planogram, click the "Execute planogram" button, after which you will go to the photo report creation mode.

For planograms with mandatory time tracking, to execute a planogram, you first need to stop the time tracker. To do this, click on the "Stop" button. After that, click on the "Run planogram" button to go to the photo report creation mode.

In order to add several photos, click on the "Add photo" button. Unnecessary photos can be deleted by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the photo.
Please note that you can leave a comment to the photo report in the corresponding line.

To save the photo report and confirm the execution of the planogram, click on the button in the lower right corner.

You can also complete the planogram and attach a photo report from the "Photo reports" page, where all previous photo reports for this planogram are displayed.

Updated on: 08/01/2023

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